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iCloud Setup
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To use app-specific passwords, you must first enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID if you haven’t already. With iOS 10.3 and later, two-factor authentication is set up by default for new Apple ID accounts so new users should have this done.


With two factor authentication enabled, you can now make an app-specific password:

  1. Log in to the Apple ID page with your usual iCloud email address and password.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Security’ area and click ‘Generate Password’ beneath the App-Specific Password heading.
  3. Give the password a name (Tristan Assist) in the label popup (so you know what service you used it with later).
  4. The password will now be shown; it will be a string of 16 random characters. Copy this down.
  5. Logon to Tristan Assist and edit your mail settings. Then, using the same email and the new app-specific password you copied from the previous step, update your profile.


That’s it. If you change your primary Apple ID password, all app-specific passwords will be revoked automatically and the apps will obviously stop working. Create new app-specific passwords (via the same five steps above).

If you have any question or problem you can email at any time.

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